"Please help us in our FIGHT AGAINST OVERPOPULATION, the fight against the destruction of all life on Earth, because only through your help and that of every single person, can the juggernaut and destroyer called overpopulation be contained, reduced and normalised, so that life on Earth, once again, will become worthwhile for the human being and all other creatures of other kinds, and therewith all life and the planet will be preserved."
FIGU & “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

An extensive and threatening topic
nobody dares to address.

'Save the Earth, life, plants, human beings, and animals and other creatures'...

Thank you for helping us protect the Earth.

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FIGU – "Free Community of Interests Universal" and «Billy» Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)
The "Free Community of Interests in Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies" is an internationally active, non-religious and non-political community of like-minded human beings, who are in search of the truth and make an effort to bring their thoughts, feelings and actions
into line with natural-creational guidelines.